Anastasia LeBar - Digital Portfolio

Anastasia LeBar is a full-stack digital marketer that brings over 20 years of leadership and marketing experience to the table. She has an entrepreneurial spirit embracing challenges, strategy, and growth. She is ambitious in applying emerging technology to foster new business opportunities and is passionate about growing future leaders.


Marketing Projects

Digital Campaigns

Otis (LMS) K12 Learning Software

(PowerPoint) Digital campaign created for Otis software company. Celebrate achievements with Otus Learning Management Systems. Campaign included: Target audience research, content strategy with blogs, customer stories, webinar, product demos, SEO keyword strategy, promotional swag, product and company reviews on external sites, organic and paid social, retargeting, and PPC - Google ads.


White Cup Distributor Software

(PDF) Digital campaign for Revenue Intelligence software platform. Campaign included: SEO keyword strategy, landing page with downloadable product sheet, demo CTA, programmatic ads for buyer intent, PPC - Google adwords, display, and video ads, organic and paid social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), LinkedIn carousel ads and pdf posts, testimonial quotes, customer story, trade show with product material, email marketing, content syndication, and promotional swag.

Why CC Power branding campaign

C&C Power Products

(PDF) Brand awareness campaign. Why C&C Power? - The #1 battery backup manufacturer for Data Centers. Campaign included: SEO and PPC strategy, landing page with lead capture form, printed industry publication ads, blog post on differentiators, prospect and lead promotional products, Google adwords, organic and paid social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), new trade show booth backdrop, trade show sponsorship


Christian Art Gifts - Creative Bible for Girls

(YouTube Video) Campaign for new product launch. A unique Bible journaling experience designed especially for girls! Campaign included: Christianity Today Magazine ads, organic and paid social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), e-commerce product page, blog post, YouTube video, giveaways, email promotion, industry showroom window display, store posters, and unique instagram page for user experience (showcase).

Copywriting | Content Marketing

ERP and CRM software benefits are independently different. For most companies, both systems are essential. They create even greater efficiency helping leaders make better business decisions and ultimately driving profitability. (Copywriting, Inforgraphics) Read More

Digital transformation enabled by business intelligence gives way to growth and profitability. This success inevitably occurs when a business integrates digital technology into all areas of its business (people, process, technology).

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Business Intelligence can be defined as analyzing and processing a large amount of data and then converting it into knowledge-based information to support some profitable business decisions..

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Women in technology are narrowing the gap toward digital transformation in the wholesale distribution industry. Different backgrounds, experiences, and ideas ultimately help make any business and industry stronger.

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C&C Power identified that it was on a burning ERP platform that was getting in the way of being able to make essential business changes. With much research and hours of execution and training, the IFS ERP is now fully implemented.

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When your critical facility is in need of power products, specify C&C Power equipment in your next quote. Specifically asking for C&C Power by name will guarantee you will receive the highest-rated products, patented innovations with advanced specifications, technology, and software.

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C&C Power’s backup battery cabinets are designed with optimal convection cooling and an optional CoolCab battery cabinet cooling fan. The challenge was to reduce the internal battery cabinet temperature taking into consideration the cabinet internal battery layout and the environment of the battery cabinet.

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Make the switch! BYPASS the lock and key with a streamlined approach. C&C Power is excited to announce its latest innovation in power solutions. The Automatic Maintenance Bypass system includes patent-pending technology to safely and securely operate your uninterrupted power supply.

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Recently featured in Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine for Innovations From The Industry, Batt-Safe II is the only battery monitor certified by UL for the detection and prevention of thermal runaways.

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This new journaling Bible, My Promise Bible, provides the perfect opportunity to explore and meditate on God’s promises while creatively documenting your faith.

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The simple yet beautiful illustrations and Scripture selections in Soar will remind you that you are rooted in Christ’s love and your foundation is in the Lord, altogether being created to soar to new heights.

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Christian Art Gifts is honored to have Carolyn Larson as part of its very talented team of Christian authors. Carolyn has written more than 50 books for children and adults.

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After months of conceptualizing, designing and constructing, Christian Art Gifts opens its new showroom at AmericasMart in Atlanta, Georgia. The showroom is located in building 2, 8th floor, suite 815.

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While all five love languages are important, words of affirmation are particularly powerful for fostering strong, healthy relationships. 

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Explore the key characteristics of inspirational acuities, tips for developing them, and benefits of having them for making a difference.

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In many cases, the roadmap for achieving success only has three key factors to help give perspective, overcome obstacles, and reach goals.

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Product Advertising

Data Center Battery Backup Systems

(PDF) ElectriCity Chicago Magazine - Ad copy, product photography, graphic design and ad placement.

Battery Cabinet Convection Cooling and CoolCab Fan System

(PDF) Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine - Case study, product photography, infographic, and ad placement. Thermal Product Video: (YouTube)

Battsafe II - Battery Monitoring System

(PDF) Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine - Case study, product photography, and ad placement for new product launch.

Creative Bible for Girls

(PDF) Christianity Today Magazine - Campaign ad for new product launch.

Adverties Custom Neckwear

(PDF) Specialty Advertising Institute - Custom uniform, promotional products, gifts and giveaways.

Graphic Design | Social Media

Photography | Lifestyle Product Photos

Graphic Design | Product Designs