Lovitude Collection by Anne Pryor

Anne Pryor is the creator of Lovitude, an inspirational story of love and gratitude. Without any formal training in art, Anne was inspired to paint in 2017 after a friend passed away suddenly. Anne creates brilliant artwork with lively colors using alcohol inks, essential oils and her breath (via a metal straw) to infuse the art with positive energy. Each piece of the Lovitude Collection by Anne Pryor is blessed with gold metallic ink. 

Whether your choice is to brighten your world with vibrant blossoms, sunny and cheerful, or more subtle tones of lush golds and yellows, warm and soft either are certain to enhance any room.

In addition to the multi-color blossoms, and golden hues, we are pleased to offer more original designs from Anne Pryor in blue tones and  bright pink. The various blue tones reflect a sense of joyful calm. The bright pink symbolizes harmony and gratitude. All art is offered on the same variety of product to brighten any room or anyone’s life.